The Cars

Have you ever wondered what a National Stock Car Association (NSCA) race car is?

CAR1If so, let us introduce you to one of Canada’s fastest growing Stock Car Series. The Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup

An NSCA Race Car is built on the format and design that allows Race Teams to work with existing specifications and dimension of Canada’s, one time Largest Stock Car Series Cascar.

In 2006, Cascar was purchased by an American owned and operated Racing Series that decided to focus on the national racing series and left a hole in the market for race fans in Canada’s largest market.
Introducing the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup.

The Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup is operated under the sanctioning body of the National Stock Car Association, NSCA, which is 100% Canadian owned and operated. The intention of the NSCA was to give something back to the loyal racers and fans that had made the one time CASCAR Series so favorable amongst Fans and Sponsors and it was agreed to take a calculated step backwards and learn to grow the Ontario Sportsman Series as a more creditable racing series that was supported by Canadians for Canadians.

An NSCA car weights in at 2,850 pounds, or as we like to say here in Canada, 1295 Kilograms.

They are powered by 500 Horse Power Race engine’s, all custom built to specs factions and rules utilizing three different manufactures, Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

An NSCA Car is lubricated by either a Dry Sump Oil System, the same used in all big league Stock Cars, as well have the option of running a Wet Sump design, the same used in most Late Models across North America.

Everything from Brakes to Transmissions is basically what you would find in any full blown Stock Car and are carefully scrutinized by the NSCA Tech Team which insures that all cars are scrutinized under the same set of rules, week in, week out.

A NSCA Car uses the very same fuel that you would run in your passenger car and is mandated to hold 22 gallons, or 100 liters. Although they run on a 104 Octane, the NSCA believes that the NSCA can utilize the same amount of power needed to race a Stock Car by utilizing Gasoline that is intended to save the Planets environment and views this as a first compared to the type of fuel used in other series.

NSCA Car’s are mandated to no bigger then a 500 CFM Carburetor’s, and also views this as cost effective and again, a Greener form of racing here in Canada.
All NSCA cars ride on Hoosier Racing Tires, North America’s leading Race Tire Manufacture.

Hoosier Tire has made it possible to produce a Race Tire that is cost effective and still meets and exceeds the demands placed on a Race Tire.

Safety is one of the biggest issues with the NSCA and by far is the most studied component of the Racing Series. Everything including Seatbelts, Seats, Fire extinguishing systems, Fire retardant materials, Drivers and Crew Uniforms, and Helmets are kept at a tolerance of ZERO.

In other words, it must be titled as a Safe Product, or the NSCA will not use it, and must meet stringent SFI Ratings. Every NSCA car must meet or exceed the absolute very best in Safety and compliance in all of it’s materials used in everything from Roll Cages to Chassis Components, and is watched over once again by the NSCA Tech Department.

CAR2One thing that has remained the same as the CASCAR days are the bodies which are supplied by Performance Fiberglass, owned and operated by Tony Novotny who was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2008 for his professional manner in which he orchestrated the success and growth of the CASCAR Series, additionally for his ongoing commitment to excellence in his Race Car Body Design, which will always be the body of choice for the NSCA.

For Race Fans across this great Country, the Teams of the NSCA look forward to meeting you and putting on what has become Canada’s newest and most exciting racing format that is like no other.

If you are a fan that finds 200 and 300 lap race’s tedious, then you need to visit an NSCA event as every show we run is a stand on your seat eventl. Twin and Triple 50 lap events are side by side racing and are lined up every time by inverting the field, allowing every Racer a shot at the win and gives every Racer a chance to promote their ability’s.

To learn more about the NSCA, stay up to date with this web site..

If its radio coverage you want, then turn your radio to 560AM every Monday night and join the Crew of Race Time Radio who will cover flag to flag events, current and past of the NSCA.

The NSCA is proud to be recognized as Canada’s #1 Owned, Operated Series. We Appreciate our Fans, Sponsors, Tracks and Race Teams that keep us up front as a truly Canadian Racing Series and once again, we hope to see you at the track!