Controversial Finish in Round 1 of Boss of the Beach

July 5, 2016

(Sauble Beach, ON) – The Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series hit the track again on Saturday night at Sauble Speedway for the Lucas Oil 100, event number three of the seven race championship series.  It was the first event for the tour in almost a month, and was the first race of a two-race mini-series, as one of the stars of the tour tries to become the ‘Boss of the Beach’.

The night started off with qualifying, and when the dust settled, Mike Hrynuik (#15) of Essex, had turned a lap of 15.402 seconds, missing the track record by less than 1/10th of a second.  Brandt Graham (#14) of Bowmanville, who has struggled in time trials previously was second, with Alvin ‘The Bandit’ McNichol (#77) of Exeter in third.

The top-five drivers were shuffled on the front stretch during the Lucas Oil ‘Fast Five’ Draw, putting McNichol on the pole, with Hyrniuk beside him on the front row.  Graham and former Sauble Speedway winner Josh Wood (#66) of London, made up row two, while rookie Don Beatty (#40) of Beaverton, posted his best result, rounding out the top-five.

The drivers also selected the amount that they would be racing for to become the ‘Boss of the Beach’, as three prizes were up for grabs, $250, $500, and $1,000.  The $1,000 prize was selected, which meant that if the winner of the race starts at the back in the second event at Sauble Speedway on July 16th, they will win the $1,000, and a traditional Sauble Speedway Surfboard as the ‘Boss of the Beach’

Hyrniuk took the lead early until the field was slowed for a yellow as Graham went around in turn one, but on the restart it was still all Hyrniuk, as the veteran was making his bid for event win number two.  Chad McGlynn (#18) of Kitchener, had moved from his sixth-place starting spot to second before Beatty passed him for second on lap 48.

With 25 to go, Hyrniuk ended up mixed up with McNichol while lapping him, and was forced to pit while leading with damage, putting McGlynn at the head of the pack, and Graham in second.  Shortly after the restart, Graham, who had lost second to Wood made contact with Josh’s car, as he went around in the infield.

McGlynn wound up taking the lead on the next restart, but Graham was able to pass him back to win the event.  At the conclusion of the event, many were confused thinking that Graham had received the black flag for to contact with Wood, but towards the end of the event there were some communication errors that altered the lap counts and on-track penalties.

In light of those errors’, and with the ‘Boss of the Beach’ prize on the line, the series has declared two winners for the first time in history.

Series director Dave Didero spoke about the controversial finish and issued the following statement;

“After 24 hours of investigation of video footage, talking with other series and track officials, and seeing in-car footage from the #14 [Graham], it’s evident that the #14 was completely off the gas when the #14 and #66 [Wood] made contact.  This was a racing incident that comes out of good-clean-hard racing, therefore no penalty was deserved at the time, nor post-race.”

“The problems we had with this race was caused by failure of the radios from the race control in the tower to the starter.  We were all hampered as well from the scoreboard not working properly yet.  The starter was doing the best that he could during this time, trying to keep track of laps and call this show without any assistance.”
“The showing of the black flag to the #14 was not issued from race control, and if there was communications between the flag stand and the tower the situation would’ve been explained and sorted out before continuing.”

“Due to the facts that the race came down to modern technology errors it left very little room or time for us to make the race calls that could have straightened out the situation immediately.  The series took a look at a variety of different recordings, and feel that it’s unfair to penalize the #18 [McGlynn] car as well for what had happened.”

“In light of the issues with problems in scoring, and communications with the flag stand the race will be declared a tie for the very first time in Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup history.  Sauble Speedway has stepped up understanding the issues and has now offered up the $1000 bonus to either the #14 or the #18 car if they can win round two.”

“Although it’s very rare in any sport to have 2 winners in the same event, in this case, we felt this was the only thing we could do, as there were two drivers who thought they had won the race, and many others that were divided.  On July 16th, we will only crown one ‘Boss of the Beach’.”

Final Results – 1 (tie). Graham & McGlynn, 3. Cathcart, 4. Wood, 5. Allen.

Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup – Championship Points Standings (after 3 of 7 events) – 1. Chad McGlynn (290 points), 2. Brandt Graham (298), 3. Kevin Allen (288), 4. Kevin Gallant (286), 5. Josh Wood (282).

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