McGlynn Wins Battle of Flamboro – Doerr Wins War

(Hamilton, ON) – The Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup presented by Tirecraft, rolled into Flamboro last Saturday night, October first for the final event of the 2011 championship season. The title would be decided between point leaders Jay Doerr (#40) of London, who entered the night with a nine-point edge on ‘The Wild Child’ Shawn McGlynn (#81) of Kitchener. While others were still mathematically alive, it would essentially come down to the two former champions to decide the crown. The other point battle was for third as Josh Wood (#66) of London, and Matt Robblee (#51) of Dorchester, entered the night deadlocked.

Qualifying was the first order of the night and Dan Prudhomme (#96) of Thamesford, was able to turn a lap of 16.81 seconds for the quickest time of the session. Prudhomme, who had failed to qualify in the top-five throughout the season was shocked with the result, joking, “That run was the ‘Blind Squirrel Effect’. I was surprised. I didn’t think it was that good of a lap, but I think we’ll have a good car for the race.”

McGlynn qualified second, with ‘The Crowd Pleaser’ Kelly Balson (#10) of Hampton third, and Robblee and Doerr rounding out the top-five. This allowed McGlynn to cut into Doerr’s lead, chopping the margin to six heading into the 100-lap feature.

Robblee drew the pole, with Prudhomme rolling on the outside of him. When the green dropped, problems struck Balson’s car as he refused to get up to speed, while Doerr dove to the bottom to avoid Kelly. Balson, trying to get out of the way sent Doerr into the grass. Balson was able to exit, while Jay, the defending champion found himself at the back of the pack with only one lap on the board.

The Octoberfest crowd watched Robblee lead lap one before Prudhomme grabbed the lead with McGlynn quickly finding his bumper. Meanwhile, half a track behind, Doerr was picking his way through the back of the field. McGlynn made his move on lap 10, stepped to the head of the pack, and started to creep away from the field.

With McGlynn out front and showing no signs of letting up, Doerr would be forced to finish at least third to win the championship, and it was a position that he was able to obtain again by lap 25 before going to work on second-place Prudhomme. By the halfway point, Doerr had dispatched Prudhomme, but during the season half of the feature was no match for McGlynn’s Ford.

McGlynn went on to win his second feature of the season, surviving a couple of late restarts, but fell a mere four points short of Doerr for the championship. The 2006 and 2008 title winner spoke about the day, “It was an exciting night, and we did everything that we had to do to give ourselves a chance. We could pass on the outside and that’s where I was able to take Dan. When we had a big lead, my spotter was telling me to back off and save the car, but it was just so good. We were fast in lapped traffic, and that really helped as well. As for finishing second in the points, we have to congratulate Jay on winning the title. We had a brake problem early in the year or it might have been a different story.”

Doerr talked about capturing his second consecutive championship with the silver medal finish, “It was a real up and down day. The #10 didn’t go and when I tried to go around him I ended up at the back of the pack and thought ‘this is going to be fun’. I went past a few cars, but then got into faster traffic. I was in third and passed Dan, but as far as McGlynn, I didn’t have anything for him. I was on the outside of him a few of the restarts, but I couldn’t get him. I knew finishing second was enough to win the championship anyways, so I was happy to run there. It’s pretty awesome to win another championship, and it really says a lot for my dad, Doug because he gave me some great cars all season, and the guys on the crew worked so hard for this as well.”

For Prudhomme, it was a solid finish to the season as he finished third and wound up sixth in points.. Prudhomme spoke about his race, “The #81 [McGlynn] was lightning fast, and I didn’t have anything for him. When Doerr caught up to me, I raced him, but didn’t want to race him too hard – those two guys were racing for the title and I didn’t want to mess them up. We were still pleased with the finish. It’s a good way to end the season. Our schedule is so short that when you have a bad run, it puts you out of it, and that’s what happened to us early in the year.”

Prudhomme had his hands full with Robblee and Wood right behind him for the second half of the race, as Robblee and Wood finished in that order in fourth and fifth. Robblee would be scored third in the championship points, and Wood fourth. Following his troubles on the start, Balson would score a 13th-place finish, but held on to fifth in the title chase.

100-lap Octoberfest Results from Flamboro – 1. McGlynn, 2. Doerr, 3. Prudhomme, 4. Robblee, 5. Wood.

Final championship standings (unofficial) – 1. Doerr (602 points), 2. McGlynn (598), 3. Robblee (578), 4. Wood (574), 5. Balson (559).

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Release and Photos by Jamie Maudsley and
Feature T. Trial
Flamboro Oct. 1, 2011 Points Points Total
1 81 Shawn McGlynn 100 4 104
2 40 Jay Doerr 98 1 99
3 96 Dan Prudhomme 96 5 101
4 51 Matt Robblee 94 2 96
5 66 Josh Wood 92 92
6 7 Derek Clark 91 91
7 93 Jason Meyer 90 90
8 48 Doug Cathcart 89 89
9 43 Bob Merrifield 88 88
10 85 Mike Nelson 87 87
11 12 Mark Patrick 86 86
12 69 Kris Root 85 85
13 10 Kelly Balson 84 3 87
14 99 Tim Burke 83 83
15 11 Cole Weber 82 6 88
Fast Time: #11 Cole Weber 16.71
Lap Leaders: 51 (1), 96 (2-10), 81 (11-100)
“Fast Five” Draw: 51, 96, 10, 81, 40

2011 Final Standings
1 40 Jay Doerr 602
2 81 Shawn McGlynn 598 -4
3 51 Matt Robblee 578 -24
4 66 Josh Wood 574 -28
5 10 Kelly Balson 559
6 96 Dan Prudhomme 558
7 7 Derek Clark 551
8 48 Doug Cathcart 525
9 99 Tim Burke 523
10 69 Kris Root 519
11 88 Rob Anderton 432
12 43 Bob Merrifield 408
13 93 Jason Meyer 350
14 2 Kaleb Geiger 333
15 67 Shawn Hewitt 175
16 12 Mark Patrick 166
17 8 Chad McGlynn 92
18 11 Cole Weber 88
19 85 Mike Nelson 87
20 24 Brennan Didero 84