Wood Wins First of Season; Closes up Championship Battle

August 11, 2013 (Peterborough, ON) – The 2013 Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series was back in action Saturday night at Peterborough Speedway for round six of the eight-race championship season, the Attersley Tirecraft 100. It was the only visit of the year to ‘Canada’s toughest 1/3rd-mile’, and Shawn McGlynn (#81) of Kitchener, entered the race with a healthy 27-point lead over Josh Wood (#66) of London.

The night started with qualifying, and Chad McGlynn (#18) of Kitchener, was able to put up a fast time early in the session with a lap of 15.11 seconds. Jake ‘The Juicebox’ Ott (#60) of Ayr, turned the track at 15.13 seconds, with Amanda Connolly (#16) of Aurora, and Wood, timing in right behind them. The final qualifier of the session was Shawn McGlynn, and he ripped off a lap of 14.90 seconds to steal the pole, and extend his championship lead.

Because of a lengthy red-flag delay during one of the support class races, the ‘fast five’ draw was cancelled, and the top-five qualifiers were inverted for the Attersley Tirecraft 100 lap feature, putting Wood and Connolly on the front row. The field was slowed by three yellows during the first half of the event and on every restart, it was more of the same. Connolly would hang tough on the outside for a number of laps, but was never able to wrestle the top spot away from Wood.

On the first restart after the halfway point it was Ott who was on the charge, as he moved to the inside of Connolly, taking second position, while Paul Fothergill (#33) of London, moved into third.

One restart later if was Fothergill who moved into second, as Ott was shuffled back to fourth in the exchange, but it was short lived, as during the following green flag, both Connolly and Ott passed him back.

The races final yellow appeared on lap 85 for a wreck involving Chad McGlynn, and Kevin Trevellin (#45) of Windsor, setting up a shootout with Wood, Connolly, and Ott. ‘The Juicebox’ was able to keep Connolly in the outside groove and take second, but despite a couple of chances in lapped traffic, couldn’t pull off a pass for the win, finishing second to Wood, with Connolly, third.

Point leader Shawn McGlynn rallied back to finish fourth, while Fothergill posted the best finish of his career in the series, winding up fifth.

Wood spoke about his first victory of the season, as he gained points in the championship chase on McGlynn, “We had a good car tonight, and my Dad and I have been working hard on it. The less yellows the better, but once I got out by myself, and I was able to run my own line we were fast. Jake and I had a good race for the lead late in the race, and he hit me once, but it’s going to happen on a track like this. He hit me square and didn’t spin me. We’ve had a couple of races this year where we’ve led a majority of the laps and gave the win away late, but tonight I was able to hold on. I’m glad we got the win tonight, and if we can catch Shawn and win a championship that would be great, but if not, there’s not a whole lot we can do about it. The most important thing about our deal is that I get to go racing with my Dad. We’ve been doing this since I was five years old, and most of the time it’s just the two of us. Some fathers and sons go fishing, we go racing. Now we just have to try and do our best at Flamboro in the final two races and the championship will either work out, or it won’t.”

For Ott, his season has either been feast of famine, but he was please with his first ever run at Peterborough Speedway, “I think I was quicker through the corners than Josh, but I didn’t have enough to get him off the corners. He would slow through the centre, and no matter what line I ran, I couldn’t get enough of a run on him coming off the corner. We gained some ground on McGlynn in the championship, but we lost some ground on Josh. Overall, we have to be pleased with a second-place finish for our first time here. Now we get to go to Flamboro, and I’ve been running a Late Model there a lot of Saturday nights, and think we’ll be better than we were last year.”

Connolly’s team battled throughout the day, as the driveline broke during her qualifying effort. She was push-started for the feature, but only had high gear, as she was forces to circle slowly during pre-race introductions because of the issues. She was delighted with her bronze medal performance, but turned almost all of the credit over to her crew, saying, “I just sat in my lawn chair all day while my guys worked their tails off. We had to go back to the shop to get parts, and then in the Thunder Car feature (before the LOSC feature), there was a huge wreck, and one of our friends, Dan Price was in it. They needed two tow trucks to bring his car off, and as soon as they had it on jack stands, Dan hopped under it, and started measuring to see what he had that we could use in our car. The next thing you know we’re taking almost all the parts that didn’t get wrecked off his car to get mine running. I tried to get Josh on the outside a number of times, but he had a strong car, and I was glad to see him finally get a win. Our car had a major vibration, and it’s been a long time since I had to wheel a car that hard, but after all the work the guys did all day, I had to do my part. For as long of a day as we had, this was a great way to finish.”

1. Wood, 2. Ott, 3. Connolly, 4. S. McGlynn, 5. Fothergill.

Points (after 6 of 8 events) – 1. S. McGlynn (621 points), 2. Wood (596), 3. Ott (581), 4. Dan Prudhomme (561), 5. Doug Cathcart (541).

The Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series will be off next weekend before returning to the track on August 24th for the first of two shows at Flamboro Speedway to close the season. Shawn McGlynn and Wood were victorious in the 2012 races at the Hamilton-area 1/3rd-mile, with the final race of the season coming on Saturday October fifth as part of the track’s annual Octoberfest weekend.

For more information on the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series, Peterborough Speedway, or Flamboro Speedway, please visit www.lucasoilsportsmancup.com, www.peterboroughspeedway.com, or www.flamborospeedway.net, or contact Series Director Dave Alexander at dalexand@sympatico.ca.

Release and Photos by Jamie Maudsley and www.maudsleymotorsports.com.

Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup
Peterborough Speedway – Aug. 10, 2013
Fin. # Name Time Trials
1 66 Josh Wood 1 81 14.90
2 60 Jacob Ott 2 18 15.11
3 16 Amanda Connolly 3 60 15.13
4 81 Shawn McGlynn 4 16 15.22
5 33 Paul Fothergill 5 66 15.25
6 3 Tim Tolton 6 53 15.26
7 54 Kevin Allen 7 54 15.26
8 96 Dan Prudhomme 8 33 15.31
9 45 Kevin Trevellin 9 45 15.32
10 48 Doug Cathcart 10 3 15.34
11 77 Darrell Lake 11 43 15.35
12 18 Chad McGlynn 12 96 15.35
13 43 Bob Merrifield 13 85 15.43
14 8 Adam Martin 14 77 15.45
15 85 Mike Nelson 15 31 15.47
16 53 Brad Martin 16 48 15.49
17 31 John Schwemler 17 8 NT

Fast time #81 Shawn McGlynn – 14.901 Cautions – 5 for 18 laps
Hard charger #48 Doug Cathcart – 6 positions Most laps led – #66 Josh Wood
Next Race – Flamboro Speedway – Aug. 24

L.O.S.C. Points as of July 11th
1 81 Shawn McGlynn 621
2 66 Josh Wood 596
3 60 Jake Ott 581
4 96 Dan Prudhomme 561
5 48 Doug Cathcart 541 +1
6 31 John Schwemler 538 -1
7 54 Kevin Allen 528
8 18 Chad McGlynn 513 +2
9 53 Brad Martin 512 -1
10 8 Adam Martin 511 -1
11 3 Tim Tolton 494
12 16 Amanda Connolly 461
13 33 Paul Fothergill 439 +1
14 43 Bob Merrifield 386 +1
15 56 Matt Scannell 352 -2
16 77 Darrell Lake 275
17 45 Kevin Trevellin 261 +1
18 28 Kris Lawrence 178 -1
19 12 Mark Patrick 169
20 93 Jason Meyer 131
21 78 Joe Lawrence 120
22 85 Mike Nelson 82 +1
23 5 Jay Christie 80 -1